Researchers of the Ocean Grazer Group have demonstrated the first functional scale prototype of a novel wave energy converter. The Ocean Grazer, invented by project manager drs. W.A. Prins of the Advanced Production Engineering research group, is a novel wave energy collection and storage device, whose core technology is a wave energy converter (WEC) that is adaptable to various wave profiles. This core technology is therefore highly efficient and can offer loss-free energy storage.

For the open day visitors were invited to witness a demonstration of the working functional scale prototype of the pumping system, and were informed about the research performed by undergraduate and graduate students of the Institute for Technology and Management (currently, the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen, EnTeG), part of the Faculty of Mathematicals and Natural Sciences, who contributed to the design and construction of the prototype as well.

The event was attended by drs. J. de Jeu, vice-chairman of the Board of the University, prof.dr. J. Knoester, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and dr. H.D. Veldhuis, managing director of the faculty. 

6 2014 Open Day 01

6 2014 Open Day 02

MP2PTO experimental setup