Consmema Ltd. has spoken its intent to collaborate with the University of Groningen in the Ocean Grazer project. The intended participation is a long-term commitment to share knowledge and capabilities during the realisation of the Ocean Grazer, including the development of prototypes, test facilities and production of various components.

Recently the Ocean Grazer project has carefully started to approach various national and international parties which could contribute in the research and development process of the Ocean Grazer. Consmema Ltd. is the first industrial partner that will collaborate in the project.


About Consmema Ltd.

Consmema Ltd. has been supplying the West European market since 1924 for all work involving complex welding constructions, mechanic sheet metal processing, construction work and machining work in steel, aluminium and stainless steel. Consmema Ltd. is active in various branches, including machine- and equipment building, onshore and offshore engineering, energy devices, maritime, water and soil research as well as prefab concrete industry, specialised in engineering and producing small batches, special components and structures.