On the video page we have uploaded four new videos, demonstrating various components and subsystems during the development of the Ocean Grazer.

- Improved Wave Tank: The wave tank is used to perform experiments on various Ocean Grazer components as well as subsystems. This video shows a 1:35 scaled version of the floater blanket, consisting of one floater row with ten floater elements. The load on each floater is adaptable to simulate the effect of different piston configurations.
- Multi-ball Checkvalve: The multi-ball checkvalve consists of balls with different densities, each opens and close with a different velocity to maximize the performance. This video shows an early example of a multi-ball checkvalve.
- Multi-Piston Pump demonstration: This video shows a demonstration of the multi-piston-pump system with activation mechanism as part of the pumping system of the Ocean Grazer. This system is key for its adaptability, the load on each floater can be varied by using a combination of different sized pistons.
- Particle Tracing: This video shows a test trail of tracing the wave motion with particles. The floater blanket is extracting energy from the wave which can be analyzed by looking at the motion of the wave particles.