Ocean Energy for a Sustainable Future

Renewable, clean energy, available nonstop and at any time: our future depends on it! Imagine we could produce enough renewable energy to meet our growing demand – on demand! At Ocean Grazer, we strongly believe that going offshore is crucial to achieving this goal. Our innovative technology enables us to harvest the full power of the oceans

The future of energy is hybrid! Are you ready to explore?

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The Ocean Grazer produces renewable offshore energy, integrating our Ocean Battery, Ocean Foundation and Ocean Power technologies into one hybrid concept

Ocean Battery stores energy where it is produced, offshore, balancing supply and demand and reducing the need for transport capacity to bring the energy on land

Ocean Foundation is our multifunctional base structure for wind turbines that houses Ocean Battery and Ocean Power

Ocean Power converts wave energy into electricity, using innovative floater blankets that are adaptable to each incoming wave

Energy when we need it

The Ocean Grazer harvests ocean energy and controls the output, delivering the energy exactly when we need it. This flexibility enables a balanced supply and demand. What better way to meet the growing demand for energy, and at the same time save our planet?

Using the full potential of our resources and preventing waste is our mission. By combining technologies into one hybrid device, the Ocean Grazer can produce energy on demand and store oversupply on-site. Deployment of different technologies at a single location significantly improves the amount of renewable energy that can be harvested on that site, while less capacity is required from the offshore electricity network to bring the energy to shore. Controlling the output to adapt to market demand increases revenues and turns the Ocean Grazer into a strong market competitor

Using the full potential

Environmentally friendly

Naturally, the Ocean Grazer is friendly for the environment. Our platform Ocean Foundation provides a surface for marine life to grow, allowing the disturbed seabed to restore itself, and enhances ocean ecosystems. At Ocean Grazer we even go a step further and design our solutions with the circular economy in mind by avoiding the usage of hazardous materials and chemicals. For instance, the fluids we use in Ocean Battery are based on fresh water with biological additives

In a sustainable society that is fundamentally dependent on on-demand supply of electricity, we need to create innovative, combined solutions. At Ocean Grazer, we tap into the huge potential of the sea. Our systems work together to make maximum utilization of wave and wind at offshore locations, increasing efficiency and balancing supply and demand – for the present and for generations to come. The future of energy is hybrid

The future of energy is hybrid

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The Ocean Grazer harvests renewable energy from sea waves, integrating wind and other clean energy production and storage on site. It controls the output, allowing delivery of energy under any weather circumstances, which significantly increases the use of resources.  Currently, we combine wind, wave and energy storage. In the future, any combination is possible

Ocean Battery stores wave and wind energy on-site, controlling the energy output in every weather condition. To store potential energy, the system pumps a fluid into flexible bladders that are deflated by the pressure of the ocean. This fluid is based on fresh water enhanced with biological additives. No harmful chemicals are necessary. Ocean Battery can also be used as a stand-alone technology

Ocean Foundation is a gravity-based platform designed to house and support various offshore renewable energy technologies like Ocean Power and offshore wind turbines, and can be integrated with Ocean Battery. The scalable and modular design can be customized into ‘energy farms’ for any location around the globe. Also, it provides a surface for marine life to grow on, allowing the disturbed sea bed to restore itself

Each ocean wave is unique. Ocean Power is an innovative wave energy converter that adapts to the incoming wave heights and periods. Sensors communicate in real-time with the intelligent control system, which computes the optimal configuration of the floater blanket, harvesting the full potential of each wave

Our Business

Ocean Grazer B.V. is a Dutch start-up. Our concept has been developed at the laboratories of the University of Groningen (RUG) since 2014. Over 60 bachelor, master and PhD students have graduated having worked on relevant topics so far, developing predictive models, building experimental prototypes and more. With Ocean Grazer B.V., our in-house knowledge and intellectual property allows us to focus on turning our solutions into commercial products. When it comes down to creating a hybrid energy future, we mean business!

At Ocean Grazer, we are convinced hybrid systems will play a key part in commercial, sustainable and clean energy production. This is why we believe that Ocean Grazer B.V. can create a healthy future, both ecologically and economically, offering many growth opportunities along the way.

Are you a market investor, business owner, technology innovator, student? Are you ready to explore? Contact us for more information. The future is hybrid!

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Our projects are co-financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, the SNN (Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, Northern Netherlands Alliance), the Province of Groningen and several other parties and partners.

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