Ocean Energy for a Sustainable Future

Imagine renewable, clean energy, available nonstop and at any time! At Ocean Grazer, we strongly believe that going offshore is crucial to achieving this goal. Our innovative solutions enable us to harvest the full power of the oceans. Are you ready to explore?
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The Ocean Battery is a scalable, modular solution for large scale storage of electricity that is produced by renewable sources such as wind turbines and floating solar farms at sea. It is a pumped hydro system in a box that provides utility-scale energy storage of 2 – 10 MWh per unit. The mechanism is based on the technology of a hydro dam, a technology that has proven itself for over a century as highly reliable and efficient.

To store potential energy, the system pumps fresh water into flexible bladders that are deflated by the pressure of the water above our battery. The Ocean Battery is suitable for both newly build and existing wind and floating solar farms.

Discover the unique advantages of the Ocean Battery

Plug & Play Energy Storage at the Source

Our Ocean battery provides storage at the source. This way, we can reduce local peak loads in the network and optimally match supply and demand.

Reliable & Affordable

By applying a proven hydro dam technology, we can guarantee a long lifetime of decades and a high round-trip efficiency. Therefore, our technology is reliable and affordable.

Eco Friendly

Our battery is highly sustainable, and the storage medium is based on fresh water with biological additives. The construction is designed to act as an artificial coral reef to support flora and fauna.

Energy when we need it and where we need it

Producing renewable energy is crucial to achieve a climate-neutral economy. The energy transition requires a significant change in the energy system. More and more solar and wind turbine parks are being realized onshore and offshore to contribute to a sustainable society. In the coming 10 years, the offshore wind turbine parks will grow from 20 GW to a capacity of 180 GW, a massive growth!

To grow to a system where renewable energy is the norm, the biggest hurdle must be solved: energy storage. At Ocean Grazer, we tap into this huge potential of renewable energy.

Products and Services

Ocean Battery is the first, scalable, eco-friendly energy storage solution to store renewable energy, where it is produced, offshore.

Ocean Energy Consultancy provides innovative out-of-the-box sustainable energy solution development & engineering services for offshore applications.

Ocean Power converts wave energy into electricity, using innovative floater blankets that are adaptable to each incoming wave  that maximizes the power output

Our Company

Ocean Grazer is a Dutch start-up and a spinoff from the University of Groningen. Since 2014, the Ocean Battery has been in development at the University of Groningen. Over 80 students have graduated so far have worked on relevant topics: developing predictive models, building experimental prototypes and more.

Meet the Team

Since 2019 Ocean Grazer is turning knowledge and intellectual property into commercial products. The start-up located in Groningen, the Netherlands, is led by Frits Bliek (CEO) and Max Duursma (COO): two professionals with over 20 years of experience in the maritime and energy sector, and Marijn van Rooij (CTO), who has spent 5 years to research regarding the Ocean Battery concept. A year later, Ocean Grazer exists of a team of ten and has recently won the Offshore Wind Challenge Award. Currently, Ocean Grazer is focusing on bringing the innovative Ocean Battery to the market

At Ocean Grazer, we are convinced hybrid systems will play a key part in commercial, sustainable and clean energy production. This is why we believe that Ocean Grazer B.V. can create a healthy future, both ecologically and economically, offering many growth opportunities along the way.

Are you a market investor, business owner, technology innovator, student? Are you ready to explore? Contact us for more information. 

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Our projects are co-financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, the SNN (Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, Northern Netherlands Alliance), the Province of Groningen and several other parties and partners.

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